How to determine which mouse button was pressed?

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I must be crazy! I cannot find in the old documentation NOR the new documentation anything on determining which mouse button was used!

Can anyone suggest what code to use to determine this?

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IsContextualClick will tell you if the secondary button was clicked

Thanks Greg.
I would be very helpful if the search in the docs were expanded so that would come up. I tried many search terms that all included mouse and never got this one.

Thank you again Greg

A “see also” section, or a simple note, would probably have a place in the various MouseDown events in the documentation.

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The problem is… this feature name is not related to Mouse (as you now know).

In this case, what is missing is a book called “Xojo for Computer Newbie”:
you cannot find a feature if you do not know its name.

Monterey and Ventura have an OCR feature. You will never find it excepted if you Search for LiveText… who is the Apple name of the feature.
(Right-Click feature name is the same for all three major OS)

I found a document on Apple Web site that talks about this subject:

The link above returns a French speaking document here; in the past, wherever language I set the URL too, always return the documlent in French; I suppose it will returns it in your own language…

NB: this is a User Guide, not a Developer’s Guide and ContextualMenu is not there… But once there, you have access to the Table of Contents (ToC) and can navigate thru it.