How to detect the full url of a web app?

Hi there,

how do I detect the full url of my web app? I’ve got several instances (with individual application identifiers) running in different folders doko1, doko2, …: 

I can get the host “”, but how do I get the rest of the url?

I need this information, because in my app the group of persons (actually card players) has to be in the same instance of the app to communicate (like in the example “Help Desk (Push Example)”). And every person of a group gets an individual link like

So when I compile the app, I have to use a constant like “doko1” to show informations about the individual links. If I could determine the full url, this would be much easier by handling it in code.

doko is where? :crazy_face:

I use Doko and Itsu to avoid SQL reserved words…

Hope I understood it correctly? Maybe something like…

Dim f As FolderItem
f = GetFolderItem("")
f = GetFolderItem(f.NativePath + Lowercase(app.ExecutableFile.Name) + “.cgi”)

Thanks Thomas. Oh man, this was simple! This solved it for me.

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