How to detect if a listbox cell is editing

I created a listbox with all the columns as TypeEditable.
I use a button with a picture to move the selected row in the listbox up or down in the list, this is done by turning the mousewheel.
Everything works fine but :
If i select a row or cell to edit then i would like to disable the mousewheel action.

My question : how can I check if one of the rows (cells) is in editing mode ?


keep track of when you begin the activecell action?

Dave : Thanks for the reply.
Further invest give me another solution :
listbox event ‘CellGotFocus’ and listbox event ‘CellAction’ are suitable for detecting the cell editing mode.
When a cell starts editing a CellGotFocus event starts - here i set a property to false
When editing is done the CellAction event will start and here i reset this property to True.
In the mousewheel action I then verify the state of this property.


Confused… how is that “another solution”… you just described what I was alluding to…

You are wright Dave.
But i was looking at the ‘ActiveCell’ property of the listbox, and that was not exactly what i was looking for.
But for sure you’re tip give me the solution.
That’s why I also say thanks in my reply.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.