How to deploy to Linux Server?

I have a CentOS (LAMP, Tomcat) Linux server and am looking for a good environment to create nice UIs without all the HTML+JavaScript+… (Time).

How exactly does XOJO create an “executable” for a Linux server that I would intall in a user’s “www” (public_html) folder?


It doesn’t write HTML if thats what you’re looking for.
It’s not a “web page editor”.
Xojo creates fully compiled application executables for Windows, Linux, OS X.
Those executables are what get run
They can be either CGI’s or as stand alone instances of web servers listening on specific ports.

So, it won’t run in the browser like a regular “web app”? (JSP for front end + Java, for example)

Yes it will run in the browser but you have to host the files and executable somewhere

Web App Deployment

I have to ask…you are replying to this today but you asked and Norman answered you on 23 Jun 2016

Not exactly. Xojo doesn’t use java on the back end and most processing is on the server side, not the client side.