How to delete selected text in WebTextField

If a user selects text in a WebTextField then clicks Delete or BackSpace, nothing happens. Is there a way to make this work? I am using API 2.0.

It should work - is the field Read Only?

works for me, a webtextfield or textarea out of the box I can delete chars in the selected text.
did you select readonly as David suggested, or a type filter (number email etc) ?

The textbox was created from the Library with no changes except its name. Its text property is set from a cookie when the page loads. The first time I select it and try to delete it nothing happens. If I select it a second time, the delete key works. If it is selected the first time, I can type over it. I just can’t delete it the first time.

I think that’s a Browser issue — the browser is selected on the first click then the object on the second.

I doubt it’s a browser issue because I created a new app with just a text field and it worked with the same browser (Firefox). I’m not going to worry about it.

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