How to create the General Preferences window of Mac OS in my app?

What I’d like to create is basically a UI design copy of the General Preferences window of Mac OS, pictures here:

It has a toolbar at the top (represented by icons) which can be build using push buttons, no big deal. My problem is how do I seamlessly display the several windows that are represented by the icons? I’m pretty sure this can be done easily in Xojo, it’s just that I’m not sure how to do this and to do this in the best and most smooth way.

The toolbar isn’t redrawn, only the lower part of the window is changed when the user clicks on the toolbar. Is this being done with several windows that overlay each other on the exact same position? If so, will that not create problems when the active one is re-sized (I guess yes and that’s why it’s not able to re-size them)?

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Check out PagePanel.

Also have a look at Xojo container controls. I find them easier to work with than page panels or tab panels. You would hide and show the appropriate container control when each toolbar button is clicked.

Or use them both together. Create a ContainerControl for each preference pane and then put the containers on multiple pages in a PagePanel. Then just switch to the appropriate panel when a toolbar button is clicked.