How to create remote control/desktop app?

Hi one and all,

I want to create an ios app that can control a computer, quit/ launch apps, send shortcut keys from phone to any desktop app etc. (similar to remote mouse & mobile mouse apps).
I presume I need to create a server/client app but when I google it, all I can find is how to configure existing server/client apps.
Is there any good resources on how to do this ?

You would need to create a desktop app that your phone app communicates with in order to do this. There’s a variety of ways to go about the communication between them from Bluetooth, to local server, to remote server they both talk to.

Thanks Jason
I’m thinking local server app is the way to go.
So this server app should:

  • constantly monitor all running apps on the computer & which app is front most etc.
  • keep a record of all installed apps
  • keep track of the mouse cursor and which files/folders are open

How would server app convert sent keyboard short cuts like command + N or Shift+command+P from the ios app and target the right desktop app & have it executed?

@Kuzey Atici —At first, I thought you were asking help for the low level communication between the iOS app and the Mac App. But it seems you want to send keyboard events and also handle application events. Am I right?

Yes, here’s an example of what I was hoping was possible:

techinically it sould be possible to emulate a BT keyboard