How to create macOS status menus

Mac os Status menus?
i want creact MAC os Status menus ? But i don’t know ?how to do this?
i saw document,but i don’t find any information.

You will either need to use the “Monkey Bread Software” plugins (the easiest way) or use the macoslib toolkit from github. There is no way to create a status item entry directly within Xojo.

Monkey Bread Software
macoslib for Xojo on github

My Statusbar Menu using the MBS Plugins:

Thank yout great.
but github source have there years.

Last I checked, Github maintains a high level of refrigeration, so most (not all) of the code stays reasonable fresh.


[quote=395710:@rose Black]Thank yout great.
but github source have there years.[/quote]
The NextStep/Cocoa code for these hasn’t changed in may years. However, if you are not comfortable with managing the declares yourself, then I urge you to consider the MBS plugins.

Here are Christian’s original videos on YouTube. They are over 7 years old and he’s using the older REAlbasic IDE, but the logic is still the same with today’s Xojo.

My Xojo Videos

And NSStatusItemMBS class.

You can get a license with OmegaBundle currently.