How to create ISO Image in XOJO

Can anyone help me to create ISO Image in XOJO

Are you looking to create an ISO from a shell command or are you looking to actually create an ISO file from within Xojo?

Use the Mac OS X system tools. See hdiutil man page.

dim MyShell as new shell
dim ISOcmd as string
ISOcmd = “hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o Image.iso /input_path”

For Windows (never seems to be anything built-in to Windows to do anything)

Not really. It is not because there are gazillion of quasi spammers peddling their software disguised in tutorials that Windows does not have a native tool.


Less esoteric, this how to :

You can also use this open-source application mkisofs should work for all platforms.


[quote=204846:@John Hansen]You can also use this open-source application mkisofs should work for all platforms.


Was just about to post about that :slight_smile: It’s available for all platforms too :slight_smile:

Usage Demo:

mkisofs -v -dvd-video -V "VOLUME_NAME" -o "c:\\movies\\iso\\movie.iso" "c:\\my movies\\dvd"
mkisofs -r -R -J -l -L -o image-file.iso c:\\project\\install

There are good suggestions. It doesn’t work for me though, but I have special needs and probably doesn’t apply to anyone else, but I’ll explain it anyway, it’s educational.

ISOBURN only works on file systems that actually “mount” on Windows - so actually the bastardized term “ISO” really does mean ISO. ISO is badly used to mean “any disk image” but it doesn’t really, it applies to the standard ISO disk file format.

I use disk images that don’t mount on Windows, so unfortunately ISOBURN is dumb enough (or smart enough) to think that the “disk image isn’t valid” and says so in the Status area of that dialog. This is unfortuante - merely writing an image to a CD isn’t intelligent at all, all that happens is byte 0 of the image goes to byte 0 of the CD, byte 1 of the iamge goes to byte 1 of the CD, and onward. But what ISOBURN.EXE uses (probably a specific part of IMAPI) thinks it wants an intelligent disk image (whcih is most people’s usage) and goes with that. It’s protecting people from themselves.

I’m sure there’s a way with IMAPI to burn raw data disk images to CD, but I haven’t looked into yet. And neither has Christian with MBS AFAIK. (Am I wrong, Christian?)

And of course this is simple with Mac. When Shao said “never seems to be anything built-in to Windows to do anything” he’s pretty much right. I really thought the million geniuses at Microsoft would get this, even after Windows 7, 8, and now 10. Guys, some things ARE rocket science, but this isn’t. Makes you wonder.