how to create excel file in MAC

I am new in xojo.
I want to create excel file from xojo application without using XLBookMBS .
I searched for it but i did not get any solution that i can implement in MAC.
Can anyone tell me how it could be possible to create excel file from xojo application without using XLBookMBS?
Thanks in advance.

Will your created document use any specific Excel features, like multiple tabs and such?
If not, Excel can open simple CSV files that are easily created…but it’s not as fancy.

What we need is to export list of orders from database into excel file .

Write a Tab-Delimited or CSV file. Excel will open them like a normal spreadsheet.

Just make sure you use a delimiter that’ll never be used in the actual data and you’ll be fine.

Excel can open them, if they are named as .CSV or .TSV

Some people have recommended saving a .CSV with a .XLS extension, and that used to work well: end user sees an .XLS file, and assumes it is an Excel sheet.
Double click and it opens in Excel, so it feels like an Excel sheet.

But I have seen newer Excel versions pop up a message to tell people that the content doesn’t match the extension, which now makes it feel a little less seamless. Not a show stopper.

We need to do it on MAC where excel is not installed

also you can use the excel classes from mbs plugins or einhugur or for free : excelwriter from “old” norman Palardy …
do not remember where his website is …

Free alternate application:, Calc module.

excel writer was here :
but the link is broken
Norman ! Help !

Or my own Excel classes:

Xojo Classes