How to create & Control Width - Webtoolbar Space?

Hello All,

I would like to add a space in between WebToolbarButtons. I found the following code, which does add a space, but it takes the entire toolbar space pushing the first item to the left, and the other button to the extreme right - thus creating a huge space.

Var flexspace As New WebToolbarButton
flexspace.Style = WebToolbarButton.ButtonStyles.FlexibleSpace

Anyone have sample code to accomplish what I need?


Did you try:

flexspace.Style = WebToolbarButton.ButtonStyles.Space

If you load the WebToolbar example that comes with Xojo, you can see a ‘Space’ code in there:

// Space
btn = New WebToolbarButton
btn.Style = WebToolbarButton.ButtonStyles.Space
btn.Caption = "Labels on spaces are ignored"


Is this what you want?

You can add several ‘Space’ depending on your needs.