How to create a “Post-Build Script”

I wanted to write a script to copy at stand-Alone build time the App icon (then other icons) and the result si in the pdf here.

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See the Users Guide - Framework section 2 Build Automation

Once I abandoned my old, convoluted IDE Script and moved to the Build Automation, my builds are much less complex and error prone.

I just wish the IDE would display the steps during the build (<> :slight_smile: ).

It would even be nicer to see which IDE script is having fit if one of the scripts has a problem…

That one’s already in the system: <> :slight_smile:

I do. AS I download the pdf named “IDEScripting.pdf”. (same contents ?).

Nota: when I am on a subject for some times (5 to 10 minutes, I start to think “why I waste my time ?”), my patience seems to disappears as fast as water in the Death Valley. I’m starting to read stuff “in diagonal” and end-up with anger… sometimes I even scrap the whole thing.

And when what I do is common (what can be more common than copying the application icon ?)…

Am I alone ?

Hi Emile,

Copying the icon would be a “CopyFilesStep” that you add to the build settings for a specific platform. When you add a CopyFilesStep to the Build, you set the destination folder within you app and then drag and drop the files from Finder into the window presented. You then end up with a build section that looks like this (you can rename them):

One more thing - IDE Scripting is not the same thing as using the new Build Settings. I used to use very complex (and prone to problems) IDE Scripts for my builds. As I mentioned above, since I left those and started using the Build Settings, my projects are much more trouble-free.

While you can use scripts with the Build Settings, most common steps do not require them.

Thank you Tim for your comments.

Yes, that was what I was doing. An easy task (simple task), but not from reading the docs.

What is your AddDefaultConfigs ? A “Simple” service file with default data you read at application open time I suppose.

BTW: is there’s someone who do that on Windows (Linux ?) ?

People told me that I used an old Windows Xoojo version, so I installed 2015r2.2, but mi license stopped at 2015r1 ! And so I could not check how to do that earlier. I will install 2015r1 and try this afternoon or so.

Also, what is the name to use for the Application Icon (Windows / Linux) ?