How to count the number of cookies

I’m trying to count the number of cookies in a browser.
This goes in the open event of the session
dim n as integer
n= self.Cookies.Count
msgbox “There are " +str(n) + " cookies”

What i get back is zero on Safari and Chrome. What do i need to do to get this to work properly?

Please forgive me for this post being of no help whatsoever, but I couldn’t resist.

This is a mobile application so the count version doesn’t apply.

Ive tried windows mobile running their browser and all works fine. With chrome on android the count returns zero. Safari on iPhone works.

Am i missing something?

Stupid question, but you’ve set at least one cookie, right?

Oh yes on the mobiles at least 5 or more, the many other desktop browser applications worked fine. Mobile versions I’m having difficulty getting to work properly across all OS’s and browsers.

I used the Counting example as the simplest form that had not worked on the android version 5.1/Chrome 42.0.2311.152-M

As an update. Looks like the mobile apps need to have the cache cleared and tabs closed that may have been opened. Especially after an App update. This doesn’t seem to be a problem on the iPhone and safari. Why does this have anything to do with reading or counting cookies?

2 laptops running the same version of Chrome( setup the same ) and windows 8.1 have 2 different results. One works fine the other doesn’t. The difference, one is a pentium the other an i3. Tried the clear cache, website data and turning the computer off then back on didn’t help on the i3.