How to convert local SQLDateTime to UTC

I am running out of ways to covert an SQLDateTime retrieved from a database from the local time zone where it was recorded to UTC. I am trying to do this with DateTime but thinking the old Date or Xojo.Core.Date might be easier.

Perhaps something like this:

Var date1 As DateTime = New DateTime(2021, 2, 1, 13, 0, 0, 0, TimeZone.Current)
Var gmt As New TimeZone(0) // Get GMT time zone
Var gmtDate As New DateTime(date1.SecondsFrom1970, gmt)

It seems that DateTime.FromString can convert from SQLDateTime if no locale was set (nil).

// Use nil locale for SQLDateTime
Var date1 As DateTime = DateTime.FromString(mySQLDateTimeString, Nil)
// If required make datetime local
Var localDate As New DateTime(date1.secondsFrom1970, Locale.Current) // Change locale to wishes.
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