How to convert data into ISO File in XOJO

can anyone tell me the process of converting data into ISO File within XOJO. If there is any code snippet in XOJo then please give me.

guess I’m missing something…
I know of ISO formats for dates etc… but what do you mean by “ISO FILE”?

CD/DVD Disk Image ISO File System
Didn’t you already ask and get a few answers?

Actually I Want to know how to Make Image(.ISO) From Optical Disk Drive using XOJO Programming.

Xojo has NO ability to make an ISO directly
You have to use OS facilities which people already pointed out on the other thread

Thank U But I Want to create this file system for IOS As wll As for Linux And Windows (Xp to 10).

Is there any code snippet available then share to me. it will be very helpful to me.

How can an iOS device utiiilze a CD/DVD file format?

Usualy these images are created using CD Burner programs, such as those built in to OSX

As Norman said… XOJO has no ability to create these files… so the answer is NO THERE IS NO CODE

As already explained in How to create ISO Image in XOJO - General - Xojo Programming Forum. Mentioned in second line:

mkisofs -r -R -J -l -L -o image-file.iso c:\\project\\install

Invoke that command from a shell: