How to convert an MP3 file to String ?

I wrote the code to select and load an mp3 file, but I failed to store it as a String.

I need the mp3 file (very short, less than 5 seconds) as String to pass to an API who want String as parameter.

Ideas ?

open it as a binary stream and read the entire thing in

Store it in a MemoryBlock and send the StringValue to the API.

Damn: Norman was faster :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, worsk fine.

Now I have in my Clipboard:
{{«class RTF », 3174}, {«class MPG3», 34056}}

An RTF text and a MP3 file… :wink:

Picture and Text were lost in the process, more work to do. :frowning:

If you read the whole file into a string there should be no loss… the string contains exactly the contents of the file, without any parsing/recognition, of course.

[code]Public Function FileToString(f as FolderItem) as String

'reads a file as BinaryStream
'and saves as string to be used in string field type
'no need for Blobs and fast

dim b as BinaryStream
dim data as String

b = BinaryStream.Open(f,false)
data = b.Read(b.length)
if b.ReadError then
ShowMessage(“Error reading file”)
return “”
end if
Return data

End Function

Thank you Alexander for the code.

Mine was very basic, but looks similar (I do not needed the error checking, just basic stuff.

As I wrote earlier, this is a very small mp3 test file… (37 KB).

Outch! :wink:


not for production :wink:

Sorry for the fear :wink: