How to control the order objects appear on page?

Hello all,

I am starting a new web app with the latest Xojo. Using the login sample as a basis to play with for the moment, I added a web canvas with a logo. The login objects appear very quickly, and about 3-5 seconds later the canvas/logo object appears. This is all done on Win10 debug mode. The project is set to standalone, and the browser is Firefox.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to control the order the objects appear, and/or how to speed up the disaplay of the logo?

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AFAIK there is no simple way to control objects processing, since that is the browser decision. Apart of course instanciating WebContainers one at a time.

You can greatly speed up picture displays by controlling their size. There are sites around that will decrease pictures size without much visible degradation. I also regularly use the “Save for Web” option of Photoshop, which creates much smaller gif than the usual png or jpeg.

It is possible that canvas paint be slower. You could try using the ImageView (well) instead.

Finally, if you can host your pictures on some web space (free space abounds), using an URL instead of dragging the picture into the project is WAY faster.

The reason the logo in the canvas appears “slowly” is that it takes a few round trips to get there. To draw a picture, the browser must already have the image, so we draw everything else, and tell the browser to request the image. Once the image arrives, we refresh. Most likely, if you are experiencing a 3 to 5 second delay either your app ir the server itself is really busy doing other things.

…or you’re drawing a really large image. Make sure the picture is only as large as it needs to be.

Thanks guys. I shrank it and it is faster, naturally, but still appears after everything else.
Anyway - good enough for now.
Thank you !