How to Connections and running PostgreSQL processes?

Hello all,

Xojo 2023R4
Raspberry Pi 4
Postgre V11
Console App

I have a situation where the connection opened in a class suddenly stops. When we try to reopen it Postgres is reporting “DATABASE - Could not open the PosgtgreSQL Database, 1 FATAL: the database system is starting up”

Would this be indicative of the whole database having a restart? I think not, but maybe only the instance on this app?

There was no shutdown command given but this message does appear in my logs. I am wondering if Postgre has reached its max connections? How can I get that information? Is there a command I can run using either SQL or probably better a shell command to get the max connections?

I have not ever seen this, but is it possible that the class within the app (where the problem exists) has its properties become nil even without error and without a restart of the app?

I am reaching here because I am having a terrible time characterizing this problem! Any help would be appreciated!


You would need take a look at your database log file, its location is configured in postgresql.conf. Btw, v11 is ancient, do yourself a favor and upgrade to v16.2. PostgreSQL typically supports major versions for 5 years after their release. Since PostgreSQL 11 was released in October 2018, its expected End of Life would be in October 2023, but apparently it hasn’t yet eol’d officially.

My guess is that Postgres is crashing. Look in kern.log for postgres and you’ll probably get your answer.