How to compile MySQLcommunautyPlugin ?

I’m going creazy !

Xojo included the source of MySQLcommunautyPlugin but forget the documentation of what we need and some project config and libraries…

Any idea ?

Why don’t you use the compiled plugin coming with Xojo?

I compiled it here last year.

Of course you may need to add a static mysql library.
And get right compilers.

Can you send me a little list of the statics library and what compilers i need ?
i’m just trying to fix the “Decimal Type” issue :-/

PS : Merry Christmas !! :slight_smile:
and thanks in avance :slight_smile:

anyone know where i can find the mysqlsdk ?

and where is the PluginPrefixHeader.h ?
i know i can use the RBCocoaHeaders.h, but i dont know what i need to tweek to make it works …

because the actual plugin need a little fix that give me lot of problems. See issue #40304 in Feedback

You got the SDK?
Maybe an older one which matches what was used to build the plugin.

The libraries come with MySQL installation. At least I can get them from those archives regularly.

no i dont have the SDK matching the build of this plugin :’(
i found the libraries from MySQL 32bit (older version…)

Are you the guy from MBS ?

yes, I build MBS Plugins :slight_smile: