How to change the graphics of a Scrollbar

Hello, I was just wondering if its possible to change the graphics of a scrollbar object. I am new to coding so I am just getting my head around the terminology. So the scrollbar seems to have a standard white background with a grey bar. I want to change those colours. I noticed there wasn’t a paint action available so I am not even sure where to put the code if it exist. Would anyone have an answer to this or a bit of code that would work? Thanks.

you don’t… you create your own custom class instead.

but most here will advise against doing that as it creates a non-consistent user experience

@Dave S Ah ok a custom class, would you happen to know of any examples of this online that I could maybe tweak a little for my purposes. It would also help me learn how the code works in the process as I havnt actually made my own classes before and would like to get my head around them in a project focused way. As far as the user experience goes I totally understand that would be the case, under most circumstances, but my app is actually an arcade style game and so the UI has been mostly made in photoshop and looks pretty awesome actually haha so the scroll bar as it is completely stands out and is not consistent with the rest of the design. Thanks for the help.