How to change Plug-in control super to avoid having an RB_Pane in windows?

I read on the documentation that a plugin control has a RectControl Base. I compiled the sample EyeControl, and in runtime (on windows), it is created with a class RB_Pane.

This RB_Panes are TOO SLOW in windows, I want to perform some actions directly on the parent of the control (some api), but need the disigner support for preview on the IDE.

It is posible to create a control that can have all the in IDE drawing capabilities, but not a RB_Panes container in run time?


All my controls have been RectControl based.

So I am not sure on that one.

In theory you can inherit any class though, so you could for example Inherit TextBox or something else. But going lower than RectControl then you have probably lost what it is to be a control as far as Xojo is concerned.

Well, it is a little confusing the class naming

I can create a clas in xojo, and set the super to “RectControl” and do what I need. But it is confusing working on the IDE. The control is invisible. Compiling in this way, Xojo does not create the “Rb_Pane” container on the window.

But, creating a plug in control, even if xojo says that it is a “RectControl”, it creates this Container: