How to center webcontainer?

From the old version of xojo, I usually do this code to center container control in web page.

dim c  as New cc_login 

Dim h As Integer = ( Self.Height - c.Height ) /2
Dim varLeft As Integer = (Self.Width - c.Width) /2
c.EmbedWithin(Self, varLeft , h, c.width , c.Height)

With Web2.0, container control is position at the lower right part of the webpage.
How to center webcontainer?

drag it in the middle of the page until you see a blue crosshair behind it
it is then centered without the need of any code.

Thanks Jean,

But I need to do this with code because customer had different screen sizes, and I also use multiple webcontainer on a single page.

Any other idea?

with the method I described, it is centered on any screen size.

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Yeah, it works!

Does this mean, there is no more way to make it dynamic just like I did it via code?

Can you post a sample project? I can’t reproduce the problem so I may be missing something.

I think you’re having the same issue I’m having with Xojo using percentages, instead of pixels:

You can achieve it like this:

c.LockTop = True
c.LockLeft = True

Then embed it.

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Hi Ricardo,

Your suggestion works!!! Thank you!

 c.LockTop = True
c.LockLeft = True
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