How to catch all events in iOS?

I want to build an app for iOS that catches all events that can happen on an iPhone. The app, when in this mode, makes it impossible to move away from the app. Whatever button you press, or whatever notification that comes in and is clicked on, the app will catch that event and will make sure nothing happens until a single button on the app’s UI is pressed to ‘free’ the user to do other things.
My question is: how can I catch those events? Are there already declares made for this? I couldn’t find them. I have to admit that, although I built quite a few Xojo apps in Windows and OSX over the last decade, I yet have to start building Xojo apps for iOS.
All advice appreciated!

iOS will not let you prevent other interactions outside of your app. You can turn on Guided Access to keep a user inside of a single app, but that can only be done from iOS itself- not by any application itself.