How to call the Paint event of the super class?

A Canvas (named ImageCanvas) and a ContainerControl (named ImageContainer) is added into the project.

The ImageCanvas paint event is used to do some drawings.

Then the ImageCanvas is placed as an object onto the container control and named canImage.
Then the ImageContainer is draged into the application window at design time (named ctrImage)
When I now add the paint event to canImage there is the following compiler error:
"canImage on ctrImage implements the event ‘Paint’, but its superclass has already implemented the event.

Is there the possibility to use both paint events?

In the ImageCanvas class create a new event, name it “Paint”, and give it the same parameter list as the one of the Paint event:

Event Paint (g as Graphics, areas() As Realbasic.Rect)

Then at the end of your code in the ImageCanvas Paint event put the following line:

RaiseEvent Paint(g, areas)