How to auto update my own apps on RPi

Hello all,

I now have enough RPi’s out in the field where I need to find a way to a automatically update them, without me having to go into each one separately.

I am going to look at Lems’ Kaju but also wanted to enquire about other ways. I found on google a response to someone asking a similar question. Their audience response was to use the APT system (apt package (.deb) ).

Is this something that any of you have done? Not sure how to create the .deb and where to create a repository either (my server??)?

Updates include both application and database on certain occasions.

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated!

Build an updater into your app, have it check a webpage for new versions (, and download and install as required.

I made my RPi’s reboot each night for stability reasons.
After reboot Pi auto starts “loader” - an app to check for new version like If there is no new version - the “loader” runs the final application and quits. If there is new version, the “loader” removes old version of final application, downloads new one, unpack it, run it and quits itself.