How to align text in columns in a TextArea?

How to align text in columns in a TextArea?

You can’t

You might be able to do this if you use a monospaced font, and then calculate the spacing yourself, e.g.

Alpha Beta Gamma
    1    2     3

What about:

That will allign the whole content of the textarea, doen’t it?

That is not what the documentation says:

And you also have SelectionAlignment

Now, the OP never tells us what its goal is… so it is hard to give advice(s), as usual (for all qestions / all people).

Notably, he does not say if he needs to save the result to disk (creating a wp…)

If the text is read-only, use a separate textarea for each column.

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I remember using MBS plugins to play with a TextArea. There is something like the “Layout Manager”, that could do a lot of things that can’t be done in a regular TextArea.