How to add view?

How do I add a view?

at design time? or run time?

At design time. (for now)

main menu -> INSERT -> VIEW

View is just the equivalent of a window in the desktop version.

I know my eyes are going BAD, as I do not see ‘VIEW’.

Any other option?

It’s between Module and Screen

I have a Module, but no View or Screen, following Module is Report.

If I do an About, I have Version 2013 r3???

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Uh… you have to have 2014R3 to get iOS … the is “14” not “13”

how did you even manage to create an IOS project ?

Yes “2014R3”

then you created a DESKTOP project not an iOS project…
if you created an iOS project you would see an iPHONE in the main window (where you see a desktop form for desktop projects)
ONLY when you are in an iOS project will you see “INSERT VIEW”

I had the Insert-View menu disappear during beta testing. Saving my project, quitting Xojo, and reopening fixed it then, and I haven’t been able to reproduce it since. Maybe try that if you haven’t already? I might have run it in there as well.

That kind of what happened to me. I had a desktop app open also, however the IOS was the active project.

Look like a bug.

Thank guys.

That’s the key.

  1. Launch Xojo, open a new desktop project.
  2. Keeping that open, click File-New Project and start a new iOS project.
  3. Click Insert and you can’t insert a view (the item is missing, see screenshot).
  4. Insert-screen is also missing.

Filed case 37323.

You can also close your desktop project and then start a new iOS project and still get this bug, as long as you don’t quit Xojo between the two.

@Jim Smith - HOW VERY DARE YOU - calling me an ugly girl! :wink: