How to add properties to inspector panel in App class?


anyone can help me?

how i can add a property (computed property) to an App class (or object) in Xojo???

this works fine in older RealStudio releases, but not on Xojo,
in other Xojo Classes and objects, works fine too, but not on main application object.

any suggestion?



I have no problem adding new properties or computed properties to the App object found under the Project Browser; or even making these properties visibles in the Inspector Panel using the Inspector Behavior option…

Do you have a sample of what are you trying to accomplish?


does not work for me too : I can add an app property to the App with the inspector behavior
but none of the property appears in the inspector tab of the IDE if I clic on the App class.

Uops…! Correct. I was using a different IDE version when tried.

does not work too if you add properties to a subclass of the App class.

:? which one ? I’ve never seen this working …

I’m using 2015 release 2.4 and 2016 release 3
In both does not work