How to add multiple parameters into MBS AppStoreModule.GetProductInfo

I use the MBS AppStoreModule to query my products and subscriptions using the following technique

AppStoreModule.GetProductInfo("com.myCompany.myApplication.mySubscriptionOrProduct1", "com.myCompany.myApplication.mySubscriptionOrProduct2", …)

I would like to be able to add new products and/or subscriptions without having to release a new app version. I can get the latest list of products from my server database and place them into an array, but I am having trouble running them individually.
If I place just a single product into AppStoreModule.GetProductInfo(…) it works fine, but if I place multiple lines (e.g. looping through an array), each with only one product, the app crashes on the second AppStoreModule.GetProductInfo(…) line.
I have tried to place them into a String array, but it needs to receive a ‘Paramarray Identifier As String’, and I don’t know how to create one of these to then pass it on. Any clues on what to try next?

You could email me a crash report.

I am not sure how the module is written, but I thought you request several products at once.

What I mean is that this crashes on the second line, not immediately, but when the app is displayed:

AppStoreModule.GetProductInfo("com.myCompany.myApplication.mySubscriptionOrProduct1") AppStoreModule.GetProductInfo("com.myCompany.myApplication.mySubscriptionOrProduct2") 'crashes when added AppStoreModule.GetProductInfo("com.myCompany.myApplication.mySubscriptionOrProduct3") …

Well, does this method call SKProductsRequestMBS?
There we take lust of IDs.
So instead of request per product better make one request for all products.

Problem fixed for future.
The plugin will no longer try to call event on the released object.

I understand how a ParamArray works, but is it possible to vary the number of parameters a run time? How would you do this?

of course you can query your own server to find list of current items.

but currently it doesn’t make much sense to sell products the app doesn’t know about.

I have sent the values as a String array:


and this works. I needed to get GetProductInfo to accept, then pass on, the String array, and that does it.

This means I can add new products on my MySQL server without having to update the app on the MAS. The MAS app needs only to download the HTML template text from my MySQL server, so there is no concept of the program not understanding the new product, so yes, I can ‘sell products the app doesn’t know about’!
Thanks to all!

Great. Have fun!

And make sure Apple servers first have a few hours to learn about your products before your app sells them.