How to Add more option in MainMenubar

How to Add more option in MainMenubar like Open,save ,delete or another option that will popup another window ???

When you are in the MenuBar Editor, click in one of the icons to add MenuItem, Menu, Separator, etc.

A stay of the Mouse Cursor above the icon display an information about what the icon do.

  1. Add the Options using the IDE Editor.
  2. Add a new MenuHandler to the Window in which you would like to use the MenuItem.
  3. In the MenuHandler select the MenuItem and add the Code to be executed.

Thanks For the reply …I will Try it Now

Check out the manual
There’s also a PDF version in the folder titled Documentation within the Xojo folder.

RTFM? Tim really, suggesting such a thing… I’m appalled… .:smiley:

Do you mean to the IDE’s main toolbar ?