how to add icons in fileTypes

Xojo 15v4 El Capitan

Opening a new project and inserting fileTypes, I cannot add icons. Clicking or double-clicking the icon-holder does not make the icon-window appear.
What am I missing?

Try dropping an image on the icon first. Clicking it afterwards will probably work then.

How nice is the brand new File Type Editor !

In a existing project, a click in the “No Image soecified” opens the Image/mask window.

Brand new project (no reboot/quit/whatever): a click there does nothing.

And dropping an image in the canvas area + click does the trick as wrote Greg above.

Please file a bug report about that.


41962 - The “No Image specified” button in the FileType Editor does not respond to click if empty

Thanks. I did not proceed myself because I got sick. I got up just now.

My pleasure. I do not knew why (now I know), but I do it because it was clean in my head and was easy to do/explain. Not always the case.

-1° C in Strasbourg, France right now. A bit cold today. If the way things “The way things are going” It’s gonna be Winter by tomorrow…


it was fast: the case is close. It was a fast (if not the faster) bug remove I ever saw (except when that is mine…).


Good news indeed. Although I spoke too early when I said I was off my bout of flue…