How to add back Removed menuItem

Are there strategies for first removing a MenuIttem knowing that it will be returned.
For instance, on Windows, I have a small window and if I remove one, then it fits.
So, I need to remove a menu, with the idea of returning it.
Does Clone work in this case? Is there an effective way of stashing it?
Is there a better technique.

You’ll have to add it back as a new menuitem:

The following code adds a Select All menu item to the Edit menu.

Var EditPasteSpecial As New DesktopMenuItem
EditPasteSpecial.Text = "Paste Special..."
EditMenu.AddMenuAt(5, EditPasteSpecial)

See also AddMenuAt: DesktopMenuItem.AddMenuAt - Xojo Documentation

You can also hide or show menutems and disable / enable them - this might be easier than removing and adding them back.

Thanks for the response, but I’m wondering if there’s a more uhm elegant solution, something to do with arrays.
I also have to disagree on “visible”


This property does nothing on Windows so use DesktopMenuItem.RemoveMenuAt instead.

There’s nothing to disagree on, it’s a fact. Setting a MenuItem.Visible=false on Windows doesn’t do anything.

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Thanks. Next time I won’t be kind.

In general I try to avoid removing MenuItems and rather enable/disable them. It helps users discover features by leaving the item in the menu but disabled unless contextually appropriate.

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I had the same thoughts.
I got tired of seeing in my Recent Items menu “Untitled” and wondered if there was something I could do about it.
If nobody else replies, I’ll be happy.

I am still curious how clone works. I saw it used in the example “ConstructContextualMenu” for Help


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