How to activate new license from an activation code?

My employer purchased a Desktop license and received a 15-letter “activation code”, thru Application Systems Heidelberg (ASH).
He sent me that code, I then signed up on with my email and am now trying to activate my license so that I can build Xojo apps.

But I can’t figure out how to activate the license.

The page at shows just a link like this:

Real Studio License Keys
Need an 8 digit code? Click here.

And when I follow that link, I get to a page that tells me that I would get to see a dialog asking me to enter code when I launch the IDE. But those instructions appear to be for Real Studio, which has been cancelled in 2012!

The User Manual says that I have to login with the account that the code was purchased with. But when purchasing from ASH, no such account creation was even necessary! So, I have no account, only the activation code, and no indication how to use it. Instead, the Xojo license page shows super outdated information?!?

Found it:

Jeez, why could that not be linked to from the License page where one would expect to find it?

THE Thomas Tempelmann trying to figure out how to build Xojo apps ???
come on …

No, this is totally obscure method. 6 years ago, it tooks me… 8 weeks ? to figure a solution !
Less than 5 minutes to pay and an eternity + 1 tobe able to use it :frowning:

The lessons learned with the Alpha, Beta, Teta (no, no Teta) was lost once the product released.

I still recall.

Well, usually you get the link with the activation code…