How to access the mobilescreen currently displayed as master in a split view

So I use to drill down a few levels.

Master             Detail
---------             --------
Screen1          Screen4
  Screen2          Screen4
    Screen3          Screen5

I make a selection on Screen5 and want to call a method in Screen3 to update the Screen3 display. But when I try to use


I get a crash because the splitview Master is still Screen1.

So my question is how do I access Screen3?

If you have iOSKit in your project, you could use the observer pattern.

The code in Screen5 would look like this:

JK_NotificationCenter.MainCenter.PostNotification("ANotificationName", self)

In Screen3.Opening event add this code:

JK_NotificationCenter.MainCenter.addObserver(self, WeakAddressOf NotificationReceived, "ANotificationName", nil)

Add this method to Screen3:

Protected Sub NotificationReceived(aNotification as JK_Notification)
  Select case aNotification.Name
  Case "ANotificationName"

  End Select
End Sub

And finally in Screen3.Closing event:


One thing I will add - I HIGHLY suggest you make a Constants module and make all string names of notifications a constant so you don’t misspell the string somewhere and have it not work.