How to access storage in Android

When developing on Android, how to access the file system, such as /storage/emulated/0/aaa.txt.
I found that SpecialFolder.ExternalStorage.Child(“aaa.txt”) can read and write correctly, but SpecialFolder.ExternalStorage.Parent.Parent.Parent.Child(“aaa.txt”) will prompt that FolderItem is Nil.

dim x as new FolderItem(SpecialFolder.ExternalStorage.Parent.Parent.Parent.Child("aaa.txt"))
dim y as TextOutputStream=TextOutputStream.Create(x)
y.WriteLine("Hello world!")

Android, like iOS, does not provide access to the full file system.

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Storage Access Framework?

I think the directories supported by SpecialFolder should be expanded, such as photo albums. If I need to use Canvas to draw a Picture and save it to the photo album, that is very useful.


I agree. Be sure create an Issue with the specifics of what you’d like to access.