How often Xojo crash in debug mode for you?

I run Xojo on a Macbook Pro 16GB with SSD. I have a large project, which is 94.5 MB big with hundred of windows and containers and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux.

The project is too large to be compiled on Windows and Linux. So, for cross platform debugging, I use remote debugging. On average:

Debugging mode on Mac: Xojo crashes every 8 times
Debugging mode on Windows: (7,8): Xojo crashes every 3-4 times
Debugging mode on Linux (Ubuntu 14): Xojo crashes every 2 times

Also on average, the building time is about between 3 and 5 minutes.

My question is simple: do you experience a similar situation ?

Time to refactor that sucker into multiple, independent modules that interact with each other. I keep my projects must smaller than that. One benefit is that it allows you to offer optional functionality in a very modular fashion. And Xojo never crashes.

I have found that when stepping through code if I inspect a recordset (look at the contents of the current record) and leave that showing then step to the next line of code the debug article will crash - not the IDE. I’ve almost trained myself to not do this. This is the only semi-consistent way I can get the debug article to crash without an exception in the IDE.

I also have my IDE running for days between restarts without problems.

Wayne, I find that when examining different types of variables, not just a RecordSet. But just like you, it crashes the debug app, not the IDE.

That must be some project… The Xojo IDE takes under a minute to build on my machine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you filed a crash log in Feedback that we might be able to figure that out? (Assuming it’s not just that the compiler is running out of RAM)

I filed a few crash reports the last few weeks. I will carry on doing it.

The debug app crashes fairly regularly for me when stepping through code and examining properties but I can’t say I’ve noticed a definite pattern to making it happen. The IDE stays alive for me.

Same here, mostly when looking at the current ‘picture’ value. But this is probably because it consumes so much memory. (Windows)

Today has been “Crash” day. Most of my crashing is in the IDE not the Debugger.

Today click somewhere in the navigator and it would crash.

Typing into the Filter and it crashes.

Thif is my first WEB project.

Kind of remind me of the early days of COBOL.

There is something else going on. What platform? What do the crash logs say?