How many developer are using xojo?

Q:How many developer are using xojo?
A:??Xojo??? 300000? ???


I don’t think anyone on this forum uses it…

Xojo tell me?It’s 300000??means 300000?=300000*10000???cn?=10000

My god,every one in globe…

It could be a typo, but Google Translate agrees that there are 3 billion Xojo users.

The typo on the Chinese translation was fixed.

Hi,Travis Hill,The main point i focus is my identity,why am i still not verified,i pay for xojo and xojo give me activecode,all is right.but i has not full right from xojo,why?

May be you can help the staff at Xojo how to verify you.

Like what name did you use when you bought Xojo, ?? ?, or something like Yng H?ij?n, or H?ij?n Yang, or some other translation.

See this:

I thought that there’s 7 billion people in the world? Which roughly equates to 1 in 2 people use Xojo… That’s impressive and true in our household :slight_smile:

The number is …


  • or - a few (for various definitions of “few”)

And the number of the counting shall be three.


Contact Customer Service at and they can help you with verification.

300 !

But 300 very brave developers! :slight_smile: