How is the connection between iOSTable and iOSCustomTableCell?

Hello Community,

I do not understand how to make the connection between a iOSTable and iOSCustomTableCell.
I have checked the documentation and the examples.

When I try the following code in the Action Event Handler from a button


Dim cell As  iOSTableCellData = Table1.CreateCustomCell(GetTypeInfo(iOSCustomTableCell1))
Dim customcell As iOSCustomTableCell1 = iOSCustomTableCell1(cell.Control)

customcell.Label1.Text = "Test"

I got the issue when try to run the code

This method is protected. It can only be called from within its class

customcell.Label1 is marked in yellow.

I have

  • iOSTable: Table1
  • Button: Button1 with code in the Action Event Handler to fill the table
  • iOSCustomTableCell1 with the controls
    . Label1
    . Oval1
    . Rectangle1

What am I missing?


Does Label1 have it’s scope set to Public?

Hello Paul,

many thanks for your answer. When I set the scope to Pubic the issue is gone :slight_smile:

Best regards