How far is Xojo from Android ?

I read that Android platform was part of the Xojo development plans… I am wondering if there is any ETA or what’s the progress on this ?

Xojo, Inc doesn’t share much information about upcoming plans.

Sometimes at the conferences they do, and there’s always a blogger on hand to comment on it for us.

Other than that, I’ll let Norman chime in with his famous two letter word.

You may want to check the Xojo Blog and maybe visit XDC next year to learn more.

I am way too far from… (Is it in Berlin?) to visit XDC… I was wondering if there was any info around that I wasn’t aware of… But I’ll sure take a look at the blog…

XDC 2018 is in Denver (USA).

There will also be a conference in Germany in Munich in September 2018.

The announcement makes mention of the end of 2017. Chances are that will be for the pre release versions, alpha and beta. If it is anything like what happened with iOS back in 2015, the actual release was the next year.

@Christian Schmitz
Unless I can get a DeLorean it’s going to be hard to make it to XDC 2016… :wink:

I’m in deep south america… Would love to go… but everytime I tried to book a plane ticket it gave me an ‘out of bounds’ error’.

on 2016-10-05: Geoff announced that in the fourth quarter of 2017 Xojo will have the ability to compile Android mobile applications.

What do that means ?

In a near future Xojo will be able to let some of us to create Android applications.

That also means Xojo have a time frame with milestone to achieve that goal.

I already stated in this forum (I think), that giving a regular hint on the Android completion is not a promise, nor a trade secret.
Also, giving the fact only developers use Xojo, people that know what development is: sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it stalled, giving say each first day of each month 'till completition a state of the art is possible.

Something like:
“today, July 1st, 2017, we are on track for the target release date who is the end of 2017 for a release product.”

“As of July 1st, 2017, we are some days late in the developement; we do hope to get the release date for the end of 2017.”

I see advantages to do that (just like releasing trailings here and then for a future movie) but, this is just me, a previous marketing guy.

Year fixed.
Both conferences are next year.

At the Berlin conference said Android would be beta by the end of the year (2017). That might be a long way from usable to end users. I believe by 2018 R1 will be usable for us to bang on it heavily and by R2 it will be ready. I’d like to be proven wrong but that’s my gut feeling.

I am at a developers conf right now (440 attendees, all geeks and devs) where a Microsoft evangelist presents Xamarin as the only option to do x-platform iOS/Android development. Would have been nice to be able to point out that another, much easier-to-use option is forthcoming.

I know some Xamarin (C#) projects for iOS and Android. They release every single project release for both platforms at the same date like we do with Mac and Windows desktop. No illusions, this fight has already been fought

Presumably unaware of Corona.
“create your project once and publish it to multiple types of devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop, and even connected TVs such as Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV.”
Although its not great for business applications.

Their (potential) answer can be…

“Corona ?
It’s the first time I heard about it.
How long is it in the market ?”

(with sarcasm in the voice).

Another answer may be: “who will use an unknow software to develop pro applications ?”.
[This can also be said about Xojo :frowning: grin]

  • of course Xamarin is the only possible solution… if it isn’t under the Microsoft umbrella, it obviously doesn’t / can’t exist
  • Corona… has only been on the market since December of 2009 (Xamarin since 1999)

Last information from the blog:

As a result of all this, some of our plans have been pushed out a bit. We had originally aimed to have Android, interops and plugins made with Xojo available for beta testing by the end of this calendar year. Now that’s not going to happen. We are still working quite hard on all these things (and more) but the 64-bit work has just waylaid us a bit. It is our intention, barring any additional unforeseen circumstances, to ship these features in the first half of 2018.

Or Phonegap or Appcelerator Titanium/Alloy, since the topic is iOS and Android instead of Windows/OSX/iOS/Android.

Corona is an option.

Mostly used in game design but can also be used to make small apps. It is like Xojo a multi platform tool. With the same code, you can write for different platforms.

If I see how many tools are already available for Android, I am afraid Xojo is too late and lags behind severely.

Meh. There are plenty of of cross-platform tools. There are very, very few cross-platform tools that use native controls. That’s much harder. I absolutely would not use a tool that doesn’t use native controls. This is Xojo’s selling point for me.

Since the lifetime of apps is relatively short, update-frequency is high, I think the only thing that really matters is the end-user experience compared to what is expected nowadays. Companies need apps for commercial reasons and only a very few app builders get rich from the app itself.
So, waiting for the only technical solution you believe in, makes you will be at the playground far too late…