How Does XOJO Handle Msgs Sent To DeskTop

How does XOJO handle messages like “Desktop.Invalidate” or changes to desktop wallpaper or the users profile that should notify the application running that an Invalidate of our own is needed?

It is up to you to invoke a listener to capture messages and events being raised and sent from external applications, and the method and types of messages will be platform dependent.

In our MBS Plugins we have classes like NSNotificationObserverMBS for Mac and WinNotificationMBS for Windows to catch global notifications.
e.g. Windows sends a WM_DisplayChange message if display changes.

Changing the resolution does trigger the Paint event of a Xojo window. Same thing for changing color.

Changing the wallpaper generates no message in the console …

and the wallpaper one is the one getting me all the time. I’ve done msg looks all the time in Windows programs, are they the same here? Is there a good example program the covers it?

From what I see changing wallpaper does not require an invalidate of the running apps.

I looked in the Mac Developer Library and could not find anything.

How is the change in wall paper “getting you” ?