How does the encryption in REALSQLdatabase work, exactly?

The sqlite docs do not generally mention encryption, so how does REALSQLdatabase.Encrypt do it? The Xojo ref docs don’t explain it, either.

Does it use the SEE extension? Or is it using something else?

And what does it do? Does it encrypt all bytes of the db file, or only specific data inside, such as the values in tables?

SEE from Dr Hipp

Thank you.

Follow-up question: Which encryption is used? It appears to support 4 algos, but I don’t seem to be able to choose which one. So which one does Xojo choose for me?

The classic language reference says AES-128, FYI.

BTW, the SEE page on warns against using it with certain sqlite versions, due to possible data corruption:

May I safely assume that Xojo is not using either of those vulnerable sqlite versions? Nor were they used in previous Xojo builds? (I still have to use some older Xojo versions for some of my apps, but the docs only state the current sqlite version used, not previous ones.)