How do you skip XojoUnit tests?

I’m using @Kem_Tekinay (and others) great XojoUnit test framework.

Is there a way to implement a test but skip it programmatically at will? In the desktop app you can uncheck the checkbox next to the test in the ListBox but I don’t want to do that every time I run the tests.

I know I could just remove the test until the app passes it or force an Assert.Pass() in it and try to remember to change it later but I’m guessing there’s a more elegant way to do it?

I don’t have it front of me but if you look at the code behind the checkboxes, you’ll find the properties that are set to disable the groups or tests.

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I recall If DebugBuild, but I do not use it since… and I only rarely run Xojo 2022…