How Do you Set a background image for a view (screen

I feel really stupid having to ask this question. I program iOS with swift so my terms of reference starts there. I can find NO XOJO example using a background image being set on a view (screen). do I need to put a image view on a screen then assign every component to that image view (buttons, labels, textbox, etc…)]

help plz…

The easiest way is to set a Mobileimageviewer as the background of the screen.

You can also use iOSdesignExtensions GitHub - jkleroy/iOSDesignExtensions: 100+ functions to extend iOSControls design

setBackgroundImageXC no longer works (does not appear as an option) any longer
Xojo version 2024 v 1.

setBackgroundImageXC was removed due to a memory leak I couldn’t fix if I remember correctly.

Sorry about that.