How do you save a project as a template

How do you save a project so it shows in the templates on Xojo opening screen?


Place it in the Project Templates folder in your Xojo install.

Save a Binary Project in the Templates folder. More info here:

The link is already unavailable (just to point this out).

I’m encountering two problems with what I think is the correct way to save a template:
1: I use several Xojo versions due to bugs that prevent me to use the latest; I have then to put the same template in the folder of each version.
2: Windows won’t let me write to the ProgramFiles’ Xojo folder using the Save method (I’m logged as administrator). I have to write it somewhere else then move it manually.
Both of these problems could be gone if Xojo provided a Templates folder inside the user’s documents folder (or some appropriate place) instead of a common place like the ProgramFiles folder. Worth a feedback case?

I fixed the link in my reply.

I think there is a case about the Template files location: <>

On Windows I have a folder in “My Documents” for templates and simply create a link to this folder in the project templates folder. This means I can have the same template available to all versions of Xojo installed, and I can add new ones without running into the need to elevate my user privileges.

Thank you all for both asking the question and giving the answer.

Very nice.

To really use Xojo, one have to have a license (yes, I let the demo mode away, so forget it). After reading the “Project Types” page, I understand that Xojo default (natural, preffered) project file is TEXT.

Am I right ?