How do you remove a FileType in Xojo 2020R2.1?

MacOS 10.14.6, latest Xojo 2020 R2.1, new empty project

Add FileType Group
→ inserts empty File Type Group

TWO icons at the top: ‘add Common File Type’, and ‘add empty File Type’

add any of the predefined groups
→ still only TWO icons, no way to delete a File Type Group

I see that other’s have encountered the same problem, but no solution. I can’t restart now but I guess Xojo has run for too long and gotten itself into a “state” again …

I think there s a third icon with a minus sign inside. Look closely.

I said CLOSELY !

I too asked myself until I noticed t (for unknow reason, I do not saw it before).

I hope I am right as I cannot run the current version on El Capitan.

Can you see the x in the upper left area? Collapse and expand is now totally missing.

Nope - not there.

I see all icons on my MacBook Air with Xojo 2018 R3.

Please see my reply. The x is very easy to miss.

Thanks! Yes, I see it. That is in such a faint grey that it is barely visible - whoever came up with that??? :man_facepalming:

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