How do you navigate your projects?

When coding and editing, I often find myself using the “Go To” in the context menu. So to edit a method in an instantiated class is simple. My problem is when that class uses an interface and then Go To will bring me to the interface’s method stub, instead of the class which implemented that interface. So, I’m often getting lost in the explorer/tree. I’ve submitted a feedback case for this behavior: <>

Is anyone else experiencing this? How are you navigating your projects in a more fluid way? Can a workaround be an IDE script?

This sounds similar to <> which has since been fixed.

My pet peeve: I use the “Go to location” keyboard command and type my class name. The class name is opened (good!) but it’s shown with the full navigator (bad) and it seems somewhat random which tab it’s opened in.

I would much rather it opened the class name by itself (e.g. the same behavior you get if you double click an object) opened in a new tab, or if an existing tab is already showing that class, jump there.