How do you handle language reference for Apps implementing XojoScript as its user scripting language?

I’ve implemented XojoScript for user scripting in several of my apps for over a decade now. So users get a code editing window and can write functions that get executed in my apps, very useful for those so inclined. Back when I made those apps, there was no easy way to provide documentation for the core scripting language, so I basically wrote my own summary in my software documentation.

I’m now finishing a new app which also features scripting, and now Xojo has this documentation online, so instead of writing up my own summary, I’m considering just putting something like this in my documentation:

“The core of the scripting language is called XojoScript, belonging to the programming tool used to create this software, a development environment called Xojo. At the time of writing this documentation, a users guide for the scripting language is available online at

If you have implemented XojoScript in a similar way, how have you handled this issue?

Like so much older documentation, that link is now dead, however.
Cant find a similar resource online. Is there one, anyone?
Prompted because I loaded up the example Xojoscript projects.

In the graphics one, you’re prompted to enter graphics commands starting with g.

Well, g.Drawtext (parameters) failed.
g.forecolor = &cff0000 failed.

Without a reference, it’s hard to see how anyone could guess what goes there, and I thought I was familiar with what a graphic command looks like

I had hopes of adding a scripting function to an app, but…