How do you handle code signing on the Windows app builds?

How do you handle code signing on the Windows app builds? Best place to get a code signing cert? Easiest path? I’v heard it can be a nightmare to sort this out Windows side

I never could get Windows code sign certificate, they dont know how anything works here in Iceland regarding person identifiers, Sectico (and other similar companies stuck somewhere in 1950 on how things work).

So in the end i just deployed to the Windows App store. (Then Microsoft will code sign for you)

I have purchased Comodo code signing certificates from at a discount from the Comodo website. The last one was two or three years ago.

If you’ve got a Code Signing Cert. you can use the free software KSign from KSoftware. It’s OK for signing and creating installer files.

I bought a Vertigo / Comodo Code Singing Cert in 11/22.
The process to download the certificate was quite bad.
You were able to purchase an pay with any Browser and easily.
But then they came up with the Informationen, that I should use Internetexplorer (I didn’t succeed to install due to restrictions of Windows 10 and 11) or an old Firefox Extended version (also didn’t work at all). At last I succeeded using EDGE by switching several times from “Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode” and back whenever demanded by the installer procedure.

Good luck :slight_smile:

+1 for Comodo at KSoftware. Reminds me, I need to renew my expired one!

Maybe its just me, but is not accessible (tried it twice, hours apart, too).


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