How do you debug on MAC

I love working on Mac. But I miss debug view for debugging on windows. Theres not a lot of options out there for debug programs on Mac. Ive been told it’s because the Mac has built in debugging. I cannot figure out where to view the debug log on a Mac. Im mostly interested in sending log statements to the debugger. Can anyone tell me how to debug on a Mac?

on mac you can use “” or debug using the Xojo ide (messages pane on the bottom)

Ive looked at the but I cannot find my system debug statements. They don’t show up on the Xojo IDE either.

That would be a problem. They should show up there (unless you’re remote debugging, which I found out recently the messages don’t always make it back to the IDE).

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you state HOW you log your debug statements? Just a thought …

Try filtering in for example for “xojo”
I’ve tested it and

System.DebugLog("Debug test")

Logs correctly

Sorry Markus, Im using the System.DebugLog to send out to the log.

[quote=380888:@JosMaraTerryJimnez]Try filtering in for example for “xojo”
I’ve tested it and

System.DebugLog("Debug test")

Logs correctly[/quote]

Do you have to click on a certain tab on the right side? Im on High Sierra latest public build. Are you filtering by just typing in the search text field? Or am I missing a filter option?

No, In the left is selected “Dispositivo” (spanish), must be “Device or computer” or something like that in english. Then fill the right upper search field (the select type as “any”) and the messages are there in the list.

Ok. On High Sierra its a little different. They have messages up top on a different tab. Clicked on that with the device selected and typed in Xojo and found it. Thank you very much for the help

The debug log is also shown in the IDE. It is one of the bottom tabs IIRC.

In some versions of Xojo and macOS, you can find your debug messages in the System.log file rather than All Messages - I haven’t figured out why that is.