How do we change the color of the NavigationBar title?

So what am I missing here?
Apparently I can’t figure out how to change the NavigationBar title color. It always defaults to black. The problem is that if we change the color of the NavigationBar background color., to a darker tone, or even black… well we’ve got a big ui problem on our hands. And to be honest the default “themes” are kinda ugly :slight_smile: so I want to be able to customize the colors my app will be using.

In the App Inspector, select “Custom” for the Theme properly and then choose the colors you want.

There is currently not a theme setting for the NavigatorBar text color, though.

Hi Paul,
Yup, I’ve noticed the custom option however, as you said, we can’t change the title color. :frowning:
Maybe in the next beta :smiley:

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